Roof Damage After A Storm? Everything You Need to Know

By Stacy Mellete

What to do when your roof gets damaged after a storm? Here is everything you need to know about roof damages and where to find a reliable roofing company in Tampa to help you.

The recent tropical storm Eta has caused an approximate $1 Billion worth of damages in Florida alone. Most of these costs are due to flooding and damages to the roof.

And if you are one of those homeowners whose roof got damaged by the storm, then this article is for you.

What Kind of Damages to Expect After a Storm?

A strong storm can sometimes cause obvious damages such as tree branches falling on your roof or the whole roof getting blown off. Unfortunately, most roof damages are not always easy to spot. But if left unrepaired, they can cause more problems for your home and your insurance claim. Here are the most common roof damages after a storm:

  • Missing Shingles. Strong winds can blow off your roof shingles which will leave your roof unprotected. If not fixed immediately, this can lead to leaks and water-related damages.
  • Damaged Gutters. During a storm, the wind might bring debris, leaves, or twigs into your gutters and clog them up. This can cause water to back up onto your roof and create leaks. It can also cause your gutters to fall off, which would allow rainwater to stay near your home's foundation and can cause it to crack.
  • Leaks. If debris hits your roof during a storm, it could create cracks. These cracks, regardless of how small, can lead water to pass through and damage the interior of your home costing you more money.  
  • Granular Loss. Roof granules protect your shingles from the sun's UV Rays. Although some loss of granules is normal over time, losing a substantial amount during a storm can affect the functionality and life expectancy of your roof.

How to Check Your Roof For Damages

The main question most people have is how to find out whether your roof has suffered from storm damage. Although it's better to call in the professionals immediately for a thorough roof inspection, here are tips on how to spot some of the damages on your own:

  • Scan the Ground. Walk around the exterior of your house and check for fallen branches, broken shingles, or pieces of metal.
  • Inspect the Gutters. A strong rain can strip away the granules from your shingles and into your gutters. A pile of granules in your gutter would tell you that your roof might need to be replaced. Also check the gutter for dents, as an ineffective gutter can cause damage to your foundation. 
  • Examine the Roof Flashing. Check the flashings for any damage or dent. Damaged flashing might cause water to go underneath your shingles.
  • Check For Exposed Nails or Fasteners. An exposed nail or fastener can mean that some of your shingles have come loose. This would allow the water to get in your house. 
  • Check for Leaks and Water Damage. Leaks are very dangerous because they can end up causing damage to your whole house. Even if you have no shingles missing, it's better to make sure that water has not entered your home. To do this, you need to go to your attic or the topmost floor of your house to check for leaks or holes. You can also check for discoloration on your ceilings or walls. 

Call a expert roofing company in Tampa to ensure that your roof gets inspected properly for damages. This is especially necessary if you have trouble accessing your roof or if you're too busy dealing with other issues caused by the storm. At Affordable Roofing Systems, our professional roofers will help you find all existing damages and ensure that they will be fixed immediately.

Why Hire a Roofing Contractor To Inspect Your Roof?

You might think of hiring a roofing contractor only if you noticed the severity of the damages on your roof. However, the benefit of having a professional inspect your roof far surpasses the cost. 

  • Trained to Check For Damages. It's easy to check for visible roof damages from the ground. And even if you climb up to your roof, you might not know what to look for or where to look. A professional roofer is trained to find these issues so that an immediate and proper repair can be done. 
  • Doesn't Ignore Problems Regardless of Size. Most homeowners see the big problem and have roofers come in to storm damage restoration and fix just that. However, storms can cause smaller issues that are easy to miss. These smaller damages might not get fixed immediately and can cause bigger problems in the future. Professional roofers have the training and experience to notice roof problems regardless of their size.
  • Help Deal With Your Insurance Claim. Homeowner insurance policies can be difficult to deal with especially if you are not familiar with the terms and process. Claiming for insurance can also add to the stress caused by the storm. Hiring a professional to inspect your roof can make dealing with your insurance claim much easier. However, roofing contractors CANNOT represent you to your insurance company. Only licensed public adjusters can do that. Make sure you engage a roofing contractor that works alongside a Public Adjuster (PA). The PA represents the homeowner, not the insurance. They can take pictures and make detailed reports of the damages which are needed for your claim and handle the insurance company on your behalf. 
  • Saves You Money. You might think that hiring a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof is costly. But it can actually save you more money in the long run. Smaller damages might not seem worrying about, but if left unrepaired, they can turn to bigger and costlier problems. 

The team at Affordable Roofing Systems is made up of experienced and licensed roofing contractors who's been servicing the Tampa Bay Area for years. We are trained to find hidden issues and fix them before they get worse.

If you think your roof may be damaged, don't waste more time and money. Let the professionals at Affordable Roofing Systems evaluate your roof now. If you want an affordable and reliable roofer in Tampa, then call us today at (813) 542-8462 to schedule an appointment.

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