Some St. Petersburg Roofing Concerns to Know During Roof Inspections

By Stacy Mellete

Roofing in St. Petersburg takes a beating from central Florida’s high velocity winds and hurricanes, which makes regular roofing inspection and maintenance a priority.  The saying “Out of mind, out of sight” shouldn’t apply here at all. To neglect or forget about your roof, especially after a severe storm, is to court expensive trouble down the line.

Inspecting and maintaining the beauty and safety of your home is important to everyone, but not everyone puts his mind to it. Whether you do the inspection yourself or call in a reputable St. Petersburg roofing company like Affordable Roofing Systems Inc., it helps to know just which parts of the roof are vulnerable, and require attention more than most.

One of the first places to check is the gutter. This part is highly susceptible to overflow when rainwater and debris clog the channels, leading to the growth of molds and mildew. When gutters are clogged, rain water can weigh heavily on the gutters and cause them to tip; this could also cause leaks as water enters through the fissures on the roof surface.

If the soffit of your roof could talk, it might already have a lot to complain about.  The soffit is the overhanging part beneath the roof that small animals tend to burrow through. Expect this part of the roof to be poked with holes through which critters, along with the elements enter, and do further damage.

The flashing, made of weatherproof material, is used to cover and protect the angles, joints, and valleys between the slopes of the roof, such as the junction between a chimney and the roof surface. When damaged, it is the primary spot through which water leaks occur. 

Make sure these parts are inspected as vents and pipes also run along the flashing line. Before you call on your roofer, make a quick survey yourself.  According to an article on Angie’s List, one of the first things you can do is to use binoculars:

Use Binoculars: Use them to check for missing shingles that may have blown off, nail pops where the nails have pushed the shingles up in the air and granules in your downspouts. These all could indicate premature wear or a product failure.

When shingles are discolored, missing, broken, or curled up, you should be concerned as these breaches could indicate that the underlying wood or layer might have started to rot or might have been damaged already. Shingles that have curled from too much moisture should be replaced.

(Article Image and excerpt from Angie’s List: 5 Most Common Roofing Problems. Unknown Author. July 14, 2011)

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