Dispelling the 5 Most Persistent Myths About Metal Roofing

By Stacy Mellete

Metal is the fastest-growing residential roofing material in America. According to the latest report, its market share jumped from 11% to 14% between 2015 and 2016. Despite its status as the newest favorite for a growing number of homeowners, it may even be more popular now if not for the misconceptions about it.

Affordable Roofing Systems explains these myths have affected metal roofing’s popularity for many years:

  1. It Attracts Lightning

A metal roofing system doesn’t magnetize electricity; rather, it conducts it. Installing one doesn’t increase the likelihood of a lightning strike, because the tallest object in the area generally gets hit first. Actually, metal is a safe roofing material due to its non-combustibility. Even if lightning strikes it, it won’t catch fire.

  1. It Is Noisy

When installed properly, metal panels can be as quiet as asphalt shingles. They usually come with solid sheathing, which muffles the sound of rain and hail.

  1. It Does Not Lower Energy Costs

Metal is one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials available. Painted or not, a metal roof can reflect more solar radiation than most of its counterparts. With emissive coating, metal can re-emit up to 90% of what little energy it absorbs.

That said, you need adequate attic insulation and ventilation to complement your roof’s inherent energy efficiency. A “cool” metal roofing system alone can lower your home’s overall energy consumption significantly.

  1. It’s Only for Contemporary Homes

Metal roofing products complement the styles of Gulf Coast homes, including old-fashioned ones. Although their crisp and sleek appearance is usually associated with modern architecture, they can nonetheless mesh with traditional homes. If your neighborhood isn’t that architecturally conservative, covering your home with a metal roof can lend it head-turning curb appeal.

  1. It Is Not Environment-Friendly

Metals may be a finite resource, but it makes a sustainable roofing material. Any honest metal roofing contractor Tampa, would tell you metal is highly recyclable. A metal roof can last for decades with little maintenance, and be repurposed to avoid ending up as construction waste in a landfill.

Is a metal roof right for your home? Affordable Roofing Systems can help you narrow down your best roofing options so you can make a sound decision more quickly. Call us at (813) 542-8462 now to discuss your roofing needs, and get a free estimate in Tampa or St. Petersburg, FL.

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