Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingles

By Stacy Mellete

Choosing the best material for your next roof is an important decision. In addition to boosting your home’s curb appeal and property value, your roofing system also protects what matters most to you for years to come.

Today, we’re going to talk about two of the most popular roofing options available on the market: shingle roofing and metal roofing. We will discuss the differences in terms of cost, durability, and other key factors.

Hello everyone, Affordable Roofing Systems is here again to give you some pointers before you decide what type of roof is best for your home or property. We have five categories to look at-- from performance and maintenance to longevity and cost-effectiveness.

So, let’s check out the list, talk about the differences, and pick a winner for each category…


Metal roofs can stand up against nearly anything Mother Nature throws at them. This is why metal roofing systems usually come with extended manufacturer warranties. With proper maintenance, they can last 50 to 70 years!

Shingles tend to have a shorter lifespan. Pooling water and damp conditions usually lead to algae and fungus growth. Additionally, temperature fluctuations between day and night can also affect the overall condition of your shingle roof. Shingle roofing systems usually come with 15 to 20-year warranties. This may vary depending on your location, environment, and climate.

So for the first category, we have to give it to metal roofing.

Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingles


This can be a little complicated. Shingle roofs are cheaper upfront. However, since metal roofs are more durable, they require less maintenance and will not need to be replaced until much later. As a result, you could recoup some of the costs in the long run. Additionally, metal roofs are more energy-efficient, which can help you save up from utility expenses like monthly heating or cooling costs.

Tough decision, right? Let’s call it even and give each roofing system a point under this category.


This one is more clear-cut. 100% of metal roofing materials are recyclable. Shingles are asphalt-based, which makes them more difficult to recycle. On top of that, a percentage of the material used to create metal panels is already recycled material. This means metal roofs ARE MORE ECO-FRIENDLY than shingle roofs.


Asphalt shingles are easier to install and repair. The installation may require little specialized knowledge and basic tools. On the other hand, you‘ll need a more experienced roofing contractor for a metal roofing installation. The job needs to be more precise, with less room for error.

So when it comes to ease of installation, you can’t beat shingles!


Today, many people prefer installing metal roofs for both residential and commercial properties, especially in areas like Florida with frequent extreme weather events. Why? Metal roofs are tested and proven to stand against harsh weather conditions, including strong winds, heavy rains, hail, high heat, and more.   Without a doubt, metal earns the point for this one.

As you can see, each roofing system has its pros and cons. To help you choose which one is best for your property, consider the factors that are most important to your situation.

If you’re not willing to spend as much money upfront and want a simpler installation, shingle roofs may be your best option.

But if you have the money and want the increased durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, you might want to consider investing in a metal roof.

Either way, we hope this video helps you make the right decision. Again, thank you very much and we’ll see you again next time.

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