Metal Roofing: How It Stacks Up Against the Elements

By Stacy Mellete

Metal roofing is one of the most reliable roof systems that you can use for a home or building. It is highly durable and can last for several years, especially if it’s given proper care and regular maintenance.

In this post, Affordable Roofing Systems discusses how metal roofs stack up against various elements, such as lightning, water and impact.


Metal Roofing Vs. Lightning

It’s a common notion that metal objects attract lightning. That is why people usually have qualms about getting a metal roof for their property. However, experts say that having a metal roof does not increase the risk of lightning strikes.

Different factors play a role in the probability of a lightning strike, and these include the topography of the land, the location of your property among other structures, the size of your building and the frequency of thunderstorms in your area. That said, metal roofs are generally safe from lightning strikes, especially since it is noncombustible.

Metal Roofing Vs. Water

Rust is typically the result when a metal comes in contact with oxygen and water (oxidation). Take note that not all metals react this way when exposed to oxidation. Furthermore, there are additional features that you can add to a metal if it has an inherent potential of rusting.

For instance, these metals roofs can be engineered, coated and tested to prevent rust for as long as possible. When choosing a specific metal for your roofing, make sure to research their characteristics so that you can avoid or reduce the risk of rusting.

Metal Roofing Vs. Impact

Metal roofs are difficult to dent or puncture. That said, an average hail storm won’t easily damage a metal roof. But since metal roofs are manufactured differently, it’s still best to check the classification of their impact resistance before purchasing.

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