The Advantages of Stone-Coated Roofing Systems

By Stacy Mellete

Residential stone-coated roofing systems need to provide consistently reliable protection from the elements. At the same time, they also need to look good and last for as long as possible. With a stone- coated roof, you get both these qualities and more.

Beautiful, durable and trouble-free, this innovative system is perhaps the most reliable roofing option available. Choosing one that fits your style and budget is easy, as it is available in tile, shake, slate and shingle, and in a variety of colors.

Here’s a look at the qualities of stone-coated roofing that give it a distinct advantage over other materials.


Stone-coated roofing tiles weigh only 1.5 pounds per square foot. As a result, they are light enough to install over most existing roofs. You don’t have to deal with the cost and inconvenience of a messy tear-off when undergoing a roof installation project.

High-Performance Interlocking Design

Here’s an impressive number: stone-coated roofing tiles resist driving rain, as well as high wind pressures over 120 mph. This is due to the complete interlocking of individual panels. By contrast, aluminum roofs have to contend with blow-offs caused by wind uplift, necessitating immediate roof repairs. This is something you can avoid with stone-coated roofs.

Distinctive Appearance

Homeowners who invest in stone-coated roofing systems give an immediate boost to their home’s overall curb appeal. It’s remarkable fade-resistant, so you will have a fresh-looking roof for many years. The stone chip coating also provides natural weatherproofing and soundproofing qualities.

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Our Roofing Solutions

Your roof has an important job to do to keep your home dry, but it can also be an impressive home feature.


Our stone coated steel roofing system is available in a wide range of styles including Tile, Shake, Slate, and Shingle, and in a variety of colors. We’ll help you to choose one that will fit your home’s style and your budget.


As the most-used roofing type across North America, asphalt strikes a balance between price and durability, with a life expectancy of up to 20. Shingles are available for those who want affordable, genuine slate roofing.


Tile roofs offer unparalleled value when cost per year of use is factored in. While upfront costs are higher, customers who choose a clay or concrete tile roof will enjoy the aesthetics and quality for a lifetime.


Metal roofs today come in a wide array of colors and finishes. Innovations in metal roofing technology have significantly enhanced the performance of metal roofs.

TPO Membrane

TPO can be installed to any scale with some of the world’s largest building utilizing TPO roofing systems – it comes in strips typically 8ft 10ft and 12ft wide that are heat welded on site.

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