What Does Granule Loss Mean to Your Roofing System?

By Stacy Mellete

Mineral granules protect shingles from the sunlight and weather. However, for various reasons, shingles may start shedding these granules. To find out why your roof is losing granules, inspect it properly. Here are some insights from Affordable Roofing Systems, your commercial and residential roofing expert.


New Roofs

Granules are embedded in the asphalt as shingles are manufactured; some of them interlock with embedded granules but are not actually attached to the surface. These usually fall out during storms and it’s not unusual to see a deposit of excess granules in the gutters of new roofs.

Uniform Granule Loss

As your roof ages, granules from the asphalt loosen and get carried away by runoff. If the bond between the granules is failing prematurely, it may be due to low-quality asphalt.

Extended hail exposure can break the granules down. Hailstones can cause both visible and hidden problems to your roof like “bruising,” which is indicated by excessive granule buildup. This typically leads to residential emergency roof repairs.

Slope Orientation

South- and west-facing slopes are more likely to be affected by granule loss as they are more exposed to the sun and to storms.

Different Batches

Installing shingles from different batches can cause batch problems because they can weather at different rates. After some time, you will notice that that differences in thickness and composition of the asphalt mix affect the deterioration rate of the shingles.


Flaking refers to localized delamination which can be the result of impurities in the asphalt or anomalies during manufacturing.

Foot Traffic

Asphalt shingles are not meant to carry the weight of constant foot traffic. This may cause granules to come loose.

Have Affordable Roofing Systems take a look at your residential or commercial roofing system for potential issues.

It’s always best to address problems before they cause further damage.

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