Making Sure the Clearwater Roofing is Ready for Next Hurricane Season

By Stacy Mellete

Hurricane season has officially ended and, as it had been an uneventful one, hurricane-wise, homeowners in Clearwater may start feeling complacent about securing their roof from such threats.

They may start to forget how important it is to prepare so that their Clearwater roofing can withstand the force and pressure brought by a hurricane or any other extreme weather condition. House Logic advises homeowners to take steps to ensure their roofs are always ready:

Making Sure the Clearwater Roofing is Ready for Next Hurricane Season

Look for curled, loose, or missing shingles or roof tiles. Pay particular attention to the edges of the roof. Also check the spacing of the nails that hold the shingles and underlying roof deck onto your houses. Nails should be approximately four inches apart along edges. Nails, not staples, should be used to secure the roof deck to the rafters.

Furthermore, House Logic suggests looking for gaps that can serve as entryway for wind and water in the attic. If these gaps are not sealed, water can get in and soak the attic insulation, causing the ceiling to collapse and damage the properties inside the house. To avoid this, homeowners can have contractors make sure their roofing in Clearwater FL, or wherever they live, are in good condition and secured to the house.

According to House Logic, a roofing contractor can install metal “hurricane” clips to connect the roof to the walls from inside the house. They may ask trusted roofing companies, like Affordable Roofing, if installing hurricane straps is part of their service while they are having their roofing system repaired. 

Hiring the right company for the job is also important in this case because licensed contractors uphold the standard of quality of all their work, and that includes helping secure the roof.

The roof is not the only investment that owners should pay attention to during hurricane season. Making sure that everything is secured and in good condition can help reduce the risk for additional destruction on the property. Bracing for calamities even when there’s a low chance of something bad happening wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Preparation is still the key to ensuring the family and properties are protected from natural disasters. While getting ready does not make the home invincible, it can minimize the damage that would otherwise have been worse.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Hurricanes: Protect Your RoofHouse LogicAugust 25, 2010)

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