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At Affordable Roofing Systems, we understand that your property deserves the best care. Our services are tailored to meet your specific roofing needs. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a roofer Riverview residents trust, dedicated to exceeding your expectations while keeping your budget in mind.

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Our Roofing Services in Riverview

When it comes to safeguarding your building from the unpredictable elements, our roofing services in Riverview stand as a testament to reliability, quality and expertise. Whether you're in need of repairs, replacements, or installations, our team of dedicated professionals is here to ensure your roof remains sturdy against the forces of nature.

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Roof Repair by Expert Roofing Contractors

Our efficient roof repair services are designed to ensure the longevity and resilience of your roof. From identifying leaks to fixing damaged shingles, we employ industry best practices to restore your roof to its optimal condition. The benefits extend beyond immediate problem-solving. With Affordable Roofing Systems, you invest in the durability and protection of your home or business.

Residential and Commercial Roofing - Riverview

At Affordable Roofing Systems, we offer both commercial and residential roofing services for Riverview, FL. Our expertise extends to a diverse range of roofing styles and structures, ensuring that each roofing project is tailored to the unique requirements of your project. Whether you're a homeowner seeking reliable roof services or a business owner in need of commercial roofing solutions, our dedicated team is equipped to deliver excellence.

Roof Replacement and Roof Installation - Riverview, FL

Sometimes, a roof reaches the point where repair is no longer sufficient and you may need to replace it. Our roofing services in Riverview include expert guidance on roof replacements and installations. We assess the condition of your current roofing system and provide transparent recommendations on whether a replacement is the best course of action. When necessary, our skilled team ensures a seamless transition, installing a new roof that enhances the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your property.

Roof Replacement and Roof Installation - Riverview, FL

Roofing Materials

Discover roofing excellence with Affordable Roofing Systems, serving Riverview, Florida. We offer a range of high quality materials to enhance both the durability and aesthetic appeal of your property.

Tile Roofing
Concrete Tiles
Asphalt Shingle Roofing
Wood Shakes and Shingles
Flat Roofing
Metal Roofing
Slate Roofing
TPO Roofing
Stone-Coated Steel Roofing
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Understanding Roofing Costs

Embarking on a roofing project involves making informed decisions, and at Affordable Roofing Systems, we believe in providing clarity when it comes to understanding roofing costs. Our commitment to transparent pricing ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the expenses involved in your roofing investment. From material expenses to labor costs and more, we break down the costs, so you can make well-informed decision when spending your hard-earned money.

Roof Financing Options

At Affordable Roofing Systems, we recognize that investing in a new roof or repairs can be a significant investment. To make quality roofing more accessible, we offer flexible and tailored roof financing options. Whether you're considering a roof replacement, installation, or repairs, our financing programs are designed to suit various budgets and preferences.

Explore our financing options, including attractive deals from Wells Fargo and Hearth Financing. Contact us at (813) 542-8462 to discuss financing your roofing projects and start the journey to a secure and stylish roof without compromising your budget.

Why Choose Us as Your Roofing Contractor

If you're looking for a roofing contractor, Affordable Roofing Systems emerges as the optimal choice among other roofing companies. Delve into the advantages on why you should choose us for all your roofing needs.

Experience in the Roofing Industry

With over 25 years in the roofing industry, Affordable Roofing Systems brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your project. As a family business spanning three generations, we treat your roof like our own, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and quality workmanship.

100% Quality

Our Roofing Company: Commitment to Quality

As proud recipients of the GAF President's Club Award, we are a certified roofing contractor you can trust. Our certifications from leading manufacturers such as Gerard Drexel Metals, Owen Corning and more, reinforce our position as a top-tier roofing specialist.

Additionally, our commitment to service, safety, professionalism, and customer satisfaction is evident through our recognition by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and our three consecutive years as an Angie's List Triple Award Winner. These accolades underline our dedication to delivering quality roofing solutions while ensuring a positive and transparent customer experience.

Neighborhoods We Serve in Riverview

Explore our professional roofing services tailored for the diverse neighborhoods of Riverview, FL.

Ashley Oaks

Elevate the charm of your Ashley Oaks home with our reliable roofing solutions, which cover everything from repairs to installations and help enhance the neighborhood's aesthetic.

Bloomingdale Hills

Our comprehensive roofing services address Bloomingdale Hills' specific needs. Whether it's repairing storm damage or installing a new roof, homeowners can trust us to deliver quality and durability to their homes in this tranquil community.

Neighborhoods We Serve in Riverview

Lake St. Charles

Nestled around the natural beauty of Lake St. Charles, our roofing services contribute to the longevity and resilience of homes in this scenic neighborhood. By combining functionality with aesthetic appeal, we aim to preserve the neighborhood's unique charm.


Inspired by the local Bell Creek Nature Preserve, we offer roofing solutions in Boyette that not only ensure structural integrity but also preserve the area's natural charm. Whether you need routine maintenance or a replacement for your entire roofing system, our roofing services harmonize seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Magnolia Park

In the modern and thriving community of Magnolia Park, our roofing services are designed to complement the contemporary architecture of the area. Whether it's addressing a roof leak, replacing missing shingles, or conducting inspections, we strive to keep Magnolia Park homes in optimal condition while aligning with the area's modern allure.

Explore Riverview

Riverview is a community that seamlessly blends natural beauty with modern amenities, making it an ideal place to call home. As you explore Riverview, you'll discover a wealth of attractions to contribute to the area's unique charm and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Attractions in Riverview

Little Manatee River

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Little Manatee River. This natural gem offers picturesque views and opportunities for outdoor activities, making it a favorite spot for residents and visitors alike.

Riverview Aquatic Center

Beat the Florida heat at the Riverview Aquatic Center. This family-friendly destination provides a refreshing escape with its pools, water features, and a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a day of relaxation and fun.

Parks and Recreation of Riverview, FL

Summerfield Park

Experience the epitome of community gathering at the Summerfield Park. This vibrant space is a hub for various events, from local gatherings to outdoor festivities. Its well-designed amenities cater to residents of all ages, promoting an active and engaging lifestyle.

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