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Top Museums in Tampa, Florida

You’re bound to be gripped by what the city has to offer. Museums in Tampa Bay have something for everyone.

Top Museums in Tampa, Florida
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With its rich history, as well as its vast engagement in maritime life, it’s obvious why Tampa’s economy is highly driven by tourism.

Whether you’re visiting Tampa as a tourist, as a local, or with family, you’re bound to be gripped by what the city has to offer. Museums in Tampa Bay have something for everyone.

Dive into art, history, and culture by getting lost in the exhibitions at the best museums in Tampa Bay. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s the list of our top museums in Tampa and surroundings.

Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art is one of the fantastic museums in Tampa Bay for modern and contemporary art, is home to one of the largest Greek and Roman antiquities collections in the Southeastern United States. There’s a variety of art styles to please all sorts of art lovers!

The Tampa Museum of Art is itself a piece of art, and is known as an iconic landmark of downtown Tampa. To gaze through all the Tampa Museum of Art, it will take visitors around 2 hours, since their permanent collection embraces sculpture, photography, painting, new media and even more.

Henry B. Plant Museum

The Henry B. Plant Museum is housed in the south wing of Plant Hall on the University of Tampa’s campus, previously the Tampa Bay Hotel, in the 1891. It offers its visitors a true insight into the luxury lifestyle that was seen in the gilded era of the United States in the 1800s.

The Henry B. Plant Museum has the actual furnishings from back in the day. A visit to these museums in Tampa Bay is a great way to learn more about Tampa and its history with the beautiful architecture, astonishing furniture and European art that paint the walls.

Henry B. Plant Museum

Glazer Children's Museum

Glazer Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization. They are committed to educating children in their passions, with the hope to spike their curiosity about the world around them, all through the means of play.

With 21 different exhibitions to choose from and 53,000 square feet to explore, At the museum, children are encouraged to play with purpose. This interactive learning laboratory allows young children to explore their personalities, passions and interests, learn new skills, and practice the ones they already have, in a safe and fun environment.

Museum of Science and Industry

Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry (also known as MOSI), is a scientific playground with no shortage of hands-on bells and whistles that will appeal to younger visitors. Packed with interactive exhibits that allow you to expand your mind, the Museum of Science and Industry, is ideal for kids and families.

The museum displays over 150 hands-on educational exhibitions, and their attractions aren’t only Earthbound, you can also experience and learn about planets and solar systems in the Saunders Planetarium.

Museum of Science and Industry

American Victory Ship

When stepping into this monumental ship, you will be able to experience an unforgettable voyage of discovery. You’ll be able to witness genuine radio and signaling rooms, the onboard hospital, the mess hall, the crew cabins, the captain’s quarters and more!

Visiting this museum allows you to explore virtually every nook and cranny of this rare piece of history, truly allowing you to experience what it must have felt like being a crew member on the SS American Victory Ship.

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World is a wonderfully fun experience for the whole family, bringing excitement and education together in a safe and fun environment. This is a day you and your family won’t forget.

There are so many activities and exhibitions in this museum, spanning from over 200 life-size model dinosaurs to an indoor animatronics experience. This cool museum truly allows your family’s imaginations to run wild, and gives you the opportunity to walk with the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur World Tampa

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Top Museums in Tampa, Florida

You’re bound to be gripped by what the city has to offer. Museums in Tampa Bay have something for everyone.

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