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What is GAF Roofing?

Find out why Tampa homeowners and business owners prefer GAF roofing products. Learn more about GAF shingles.
What is GAF Roofing?

What is GAF Roofing? Benefits and Drawbacks

There are several reasons GAF is one of the leading roofing manufacturers in the country. Most roofing contractors in Largo Florida, strongly recommend installing GAF shingles to ensure quality and durability.

Today, we will talk about the best features of GAF roofing products. What makes them special? Why do roofers and homeowners prefer this brand over other manufacturers?

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of GAF roofing, so you can make more informed roofing decisions.


What is GAF Roofing?

GAF roofing is a combination of products that form a GAF Roofing System designed for roofs that have a >/= 2/12 slope (Steep Slope). This system is built around GAF asphalt shingles. It is designed primarily for residential roofs, but also used for commercial applications with steep slopes. Unlike most shingles, GAF architectural shingles come with a wide selection of colors and design options. In the last 10 years, GAF has utilized modern technology to improve the overall quality and performance. This makes many roofing companies in Tampa today recommend installing GAF shingles.

From GAF’s Timberline products to their designer shingle systems, GAF shingles are definitely the premier choice for residential roofing. They can match your requirements for style, color, and performance!


GAF’s History

GAF stands for General Aniline and Film and it has a very interesting history. Before the company became one of the largest manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products in the country, GAF used to manufacture photographic films, cameras and projectors. It was also the manufacturer of the famous View-Master. GAF’s products were also the official film of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

GAF’s passion for innovation combined with its customer-oriented mindset is the main reason they became North America’s leading roofing manufacturer. Founded in 1886, GAF has never stopped improving its products and services.

According to reports, the company’s annual sales have nearly reached the $3 billion mark-- and it’s all because of their relentless pursuit of quality and exceptional customer service. Additionally, they also provide some of the most comprehensive product and installation warranties.


Why Choose GAF Roofing in Largo Florida?

With Tampa’s humid and subtropical climate, it is imperative to install high-quality roofing materials. GAF is a popular choice for roofing contractors, inspectors, and homeowners because of the quality and durability it offers.

So, let’s now discuss the pros and cons of GAF shingles and why it remains the best choice among inspectors, homeowners, and local roofing contractors in Largo Fl.

What is GAF Roofing

Advantages of GAF Roofing

  • Complete Roofing System

One of the reasons why roofing contractors in Largo FL strongly recommend GAF is because you can get the entire roofing system in one purchase. That means you can have the major components tailored to suit almost any roofing job, saving you time and other resources. You can check out the GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems, which usually includes the following:

  • Roof deck protection
  • Starter strip shingles
  • Leak barriers
  • Lifetime shingles
  • Cobra attic ventilation
  • Ridge cap shingles

This option makes it easier for every roofer in Tampa, which means increased convenience and lower costs for homeowners.

  • Training and Certifications

Another reason why many roofing companies in Tampa choose GAF is because of the training and certifications they provide. This helps ensure that installers truly understand the best practices for installing these products. And that’s why Affordable Roofing Systems consistently invests in GAF roofing.

As a roofer in Tampa, Affordable Roofing has obtained the GAF 3-Star Presidents Club Master Elite certification. This certification is the highest certification GAF has and it provides our customers with the peace of mind they deserve. It indicates that our roofing professionals are:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Updated with the best roofing practices
  • Active in ongoing GAF professional training

The Master Elite contractor designation also provides our customers with access to one of GAF’s comprehensive warranties, the Golden Pledge or the Silver Pledge warranty.

What is GAF Roofing

Image source: GAF

  • Comprehensive Warranties

There is no doubt that GAF’s warranties are the best in the industry! They even offer more comprehensive product and installation warranties than most other brands! Learn more about GAF’s warranties for homeowners in Largo Florida.

  • Quality Yet Affordable!

Affordability is the main reason why many residents choose GAF shingles! While shingles are not the most durable roofing materials, they provide proven results over time and have the best system warranties of all roofing products, which makes it worth every penny! Additionally, GAF offers a wide range of options for every price range, including the three-tab strip shingles, ultra-premium and solar-reflective shingles.

  • Easy to Maintain

Most GAF roofing products have anti-staining and algae protection. You can check out their roofing products with StainGuard protection. This feature is usually included on Timberline shingles.

  • Comprehensive Warranties

As mentioned earlier, GAF’s production and installation warranties are the best in the industry! And it’s not just roofing contractors in FL who can take advantage of this offer. Homeowners can also benefit from these warranties. GAF can provide you with a workmanship warranty of up to 25 years!

Other Notable Advantages (For Both Homeowners & Roofing Contractors)

  • Excellent Durability

GAF’s most popular shingles, such as Timberline HDZ, Timberline AH, and even their designer shingles are all made of premium materials. Most of these products are made from fiberglass-matt reinforced with asphalt. These laminate shingles have multiple fused layers, providing more protection to the entire roofing system!

  • Impact Resistant

While they are not as tough as metal roofing in Largo FL, GAF shingles are impact-resistant. For example, GAF’s ArmorShield shingles fall under UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance. That means they could potentially sustain damages when you drop a 2-inch steel ball onto the same area of the shingle from a 20-foot height.

  • Wind Resistant

The Timberline HDZ and AH are popular in Tampa as they can withstand high winds. That’s why it comes with the WindProven Infinite Wind Speed Protection Warranty.


GAF Roofing Drawbacks

While there are no major concerns when choosing GAF shingle, there are still some drawbacks you may encounter. One of the main issues for property owners regarding the roofing contractors is that not all contractors are legitimate Master Elite roofers.

The bottom line here is that you should always be informed about product and installation warranties. Again, this is not just for GAF but also other leading roofing manufacturers. Be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions. Before finalizing an agreement with the installer, here are a few reminders:

  • Be sure you have a written copy of the warranty your installer told you about. Do not rely on verbal agreement to avoid discrepancies in the future.
  • Choose an installer or roofer that understands the manufacturer specifications and practices for installation. That’s why it is advisable to review your contractor’s credentials before hiring them.

More often than not, the product is not usually the problem, but the installer. That’s why GAF has started a platform to prevent these problems. This platform also allows customers to find the right local roofing contractor in their area.

Come to think of it, the advantages of choosing GAF roofing can really outweigh the drawbacks. And that’s the main reason why roofing contractors, home inspectors and homeowners opt for GAF shingles.


The Bottom Line

If you want to invest in quality shingles, GAF roofing is definitely on top of the list. It can compete with any other major roofing brands in the country when it comes to quality and costs. You just need to make sure your roofing contractor is a trusted partner of GAF. Additionally, do not be impulsive when hiring a roofer in Tampa. Always check their portfolio of work. Request referrals, so you can gauge the quality of their services.


Affordable Roofing Systems: GAF’s Trusted Partner

If you need professional roofing services, Affordable Roofing Systems is your go-to destination! Affordable Roofing is a trusted partner of GAF that provides complete roofing solutions for both residential and commercial properties. 

Our roofing services include roof evaluations, roof repairs, storm damage restoration, new roof installation, and roof replacement. We have a team of fully licensed and insured roofing professionals who are always ready to help and serve! Call us now at (813) 542-8462 to get a free estimate!

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