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What Voids a Roof Warranty? - Affordable Roofing Systems

Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that void roof warranties so you can keep your warranty valid as long as...
What Voids a Roof Warranty? - Affordable Roofing Systems

What Voids a Roof Warranty?

When replacing your roof, one of the factors to look for is a comprehensive manufacturer's roof warranty that offers protection and peace of mind. However, all of that can evaporate if shoddy work or common mistakes void your warranty.

In today's blog post, we'll cover some factors that can void your roof warranty and the benefits of working with a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor in Greater Tampa Bay area. Read on.

Roof Warranty Overview

Roof warranties are comprised of a manufacturers material defects warranty and an installation (workmanship) warranty that is commonly provided by the roofing contractor. There are some cases where the manufacturer will provide the installation warranty if the roofer is certified to the highest level, such as is the case with Affordable Roofing Systems, Inc. It is important to understand this distinction, so that you can select the best warranty option and contractor to satisfy your roofing needs.

Factors that Can Void Your Roof Warranty

The manufacturer's warranty is designed to help homeowners offset the costs of maintenance and repairs in case they are needed. In addition, roof warranties (material or workmanship warranties) also vary in length, coverage, and transferability. So, be sure to talk to your local roofing contractor about the manufacturer's warranty that they offer.

There are also common mistakes that homeowners make that can potentially void a roof warranty. These all fall under the Installation or Workmanship warranty, not material defects. Here are some of them:

Installing New Shingles Over the Old Ones.

Installing new shingles over an existing or old roof or also known as "roof overs" can void your roof warranty. Some roofers prefer using this method because it's easier and much cheaper. However, this process is not recommended because it can cause problems in the future and can significantly affect your roof's lifespan.

The problem with reroofing is that the new roof or new shingles may have been installed over a damaged or rotted wood deck. If the wood deck deteriorates, the new roof may need to be replaced prematurely. Therefore, it voids your roofing warranty.

What Voids a Roof Warranty?

Improper Roof Installation

Another factor that can void your roofing warranty is improper installation. Whether you need minor repairs or are having major roofing work, it is advisable to hire a certified roofing contractor. Always check their credentials and choose a roofing company that is certified by leading manufacturers, such as Affordable Roofing Systems, Inc.

Improper Roof Repairs

Like poor installation, improper roof repairs can also void your roof warranty. So, be sure to only work with a trusted and certified roof contractor.

Certified roofers underwent special training and seminars so they fully understand the standards set by the manufacturers. They are also familiar with their products and can ensure quality workmanship, including repairs and installation.

Improper Maintenance

It may sound unlikely, but yes, poor maintenance can also void the manufacturer's warranty. Get your roof inspected by a professional to determine which areas require more maintenance or repairs.

An experienced roofing contractor can also educate you on proper roof maintenance to avoid problems in the future.

Antenna or Satellite Dish Installation

Poor antenna or satellite dish installation can also affect your roofing warranty. Installing these usually requires drilling, which makes your roof prone to leaks and other roofing problems.

Antenna or Satellite Dish Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels have helped many homeowners reduce their energy bills. While solar panel installation can provide you with several benefits, keep in mind that it can void your roof warranty. In case you need a solar panel for your home or property, ask your roofer about your warranty so you know what to expect. Additionally, be sure to talk to your solar panel installer about their warranties, as well.

HVAC Installation

Yes, having an efficient HVAC system is necessary, especially if you live in Tampa, Florida. However, poor installation can void warranties. Be sure your contractor is fully licensed and insured before getting your HVAC unit installed.

Inadequate Roof Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation or roof ventilation is vital to homeowners. Whether you have a metal roofing system or asphalt shingles, poor or inadequate roof ventilation can lead to several roof problems. If your attic space has improper ventilation, then manufacturers of your roofer may void your warranty.

Skylight Installation

Any major roofing project like adding skylights or a roof penetration can also void your roof warranty. Skylights look can boost your home's curb appeal. However, poor installation can significantly impact your roof's lifespan and your roof warranty, as well.

Use of Unauthorized Accessories on the Roof

Avoid using unauthorized accessories on the roof. Using or installing prohibited accessories on the roof can automatically void your warranty. Your roofer should inform you about the unauthorized accessories or materials that can void your roof warranty.

Use of Pressure Washing

While many homeowners enjoy the convenience of pressure washing when cleaning off debris on the roof, take note that this method can also damage your shingles. In cases where the roof is damaged due to pressure washing, the warranty can be voided.

Using Third-Party Components

Another thing you should avoid is using a third-party component. Unless certified or validated by the manufacturer, your warranty will be voided when you use roofing materials, accessories, or anything from a third party.

Unauthorized Roof Work

Unauthorized roof work can also automatically void the manufacturer's warranty. Whether you are installing a new roof or an extension roof project, if it is not authorized then expect your warranty to be voided.

Misuse or Excessive Traffic on Roof

Misuse or excessive traffic on the roof can lead to severe structural damages, which also affect your warranty.

Ponding/Standing Water

Ponding/Standing Water

Depending on the warranty provided by your roofing contractor or the manufacturer, your warranty can also get voided when the roof damage is caused by ponding or standing water.

High Winds Can Void Your Roof Warranty

Again, you need to check warranties cover. Take note that some warranties do not cover storm damage or roofing damages due to high winds.


Benefits of Hiring a Local Licensed, Insured, and Certified Roofing Contractor

Hiring a local licensed, insured and certified roofing company can provide you with several benefits, including the following:

Protect Your Warranty Coverage

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a certified roofing company is that they can protect your warranty coverage.

Ensure Excellent Work

Rest assured, you can expect excellent workmanship from reputable roofing companies like Affordable Roofing Systems, Inc. You can always ask for references or their successful projects so you can evaluate their services.

Ensure Compliance With All Laws And Building Codes

Local roofing companies are familiar with all laws and building codes. They can ensure compliance with all the requirements.

Insurance Coverage to Protect from Accidents and Injuries

A fully licensed and insured roofing company must have general liability insurance and worker's compensation. These insurance programs can protect homeowners in case someone gets hurt or injured while working on their property.

Ensure Excellent Work

Free, Honest Estimate and Consultation

Another advantage of working with a local roofing company is they can provide you with a free, honest, and fair assessment. A trusted roofing company is always committed to providing its customers with quality services at the best possible price.

Knowledge of Roofing Designs and Needs

A local and fully licensed roofing company has a vast knowledge of the best roofing designs for your needs and goals.

Access to Quality Materials, Resources, Tools, and Equipment

Another advantage of hiring a licensed and certified roofing company is that they have full access to quality roofing materials, resources, tools, and equipment from leading manufacturers.

Professional Advice

Avoid costly mistakes by getting professional advice from a reputable roofing company. These roofing professionals can help you make more informed decisions.


Final Words

Understanding the coverage of your roofing warranty is essential. Be sure to discuss the details of your warranty with your contractor to avoid discrepancies in the future. Always work with a fully licensed and insured roofing company that can provide you with comprehensive warranties.

If you are looking for a roofer you can trust, Affordable Roofing Systems, Inc. is your best choice! Affordable Roofing Systems, Inc. is an award-winning roofing company, providing complete roofing services, including roof repairs, roof replacement, and new roof installation.

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