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Metal Roofing: Roofing Systems For Extreme Climates

More homeowners who live near the coast are choosing metal roofing, thanks to its features that make it suitable for areas...

Metal Roofing: Roofing Systems For Extreme Climates

More homeowners who live near the coast are choosing metal roofing, thanks to its features that make it suitable for areas affected by extreme climates. In this blog, residential and commercial roofing company Affordable Roofing Systems discusses what makes metal roofs suitable for extreme climates.

Metal Roofs Do Not Retain Heat
Sheet metal is a conductive material with low thermal mass, and doesn’t stay hot despite being exposed to sunlight all day. Combined with a properly installed layer of insulation right under the sheet metal layer, a metal roof quickly becomes cooler after sundown.
In contrast, other roofing systems retain heat for a much longer time, which means they radiate heat well into the night. This heat can radiate inwards and result in an increase in indoor cooling requirements. This makes metal roofing the perfect residential roofing system in areas that experience extreme heat during summer. Additionally, reflective coatings can be applied to metal roofs to further reduce heat absorption.

Metal Roofs Are More Durable
Metal roofs have better impact and wind resistance. Since sheets of material are installed ridge-to-edge instead of the more familiar horizontal method, they resist roof tear-offs caused by high winds. Their smooth surface makes them more efficient at shedding rainwater, ideal for climates that experience several inches of rain a year.

Sheet metal has a natural flexibility that makes it ideal for areas that are often hit by hailstones: dents are less prone to leaks compared to punctures or cracks.

Metal Roofs Has Low Maintenance Requirements
Roofs require periodic maintenance, but metal roofs have relatively lower maintenance requirements compared to other residential roofing systems. Combined with longer than average life spans, a single metal roof installation gets you the best value for money, regardless of local climatic conditions. The roof repair process is simpler, and takes less time, which can be a critical factor when the weather forecast doesn’t permit long repair times.
Affordable Roofing Systems is your leading metal roofing contractor in Tampa FL. Give us a call at (813) 542-8462 or fill out our contact form. We serve customers in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL.

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