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Is it Possible to Install Metal Roofing Over a Shingle Roof?

Considering replacing your roof? Read about the drawbacks of installing a metal roof over shingles.

Is it Possible to Install Metal Roofing Over a Shingle Roof?
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Yes, you can install a metal roof over shingle roofing in certain cases using a technique known as "roof-over." This method is technically feasible and can be faster and more cost-effective than removing old shingles. It offers a less disruptive approach to upgrading your roof.

However, at Affordable Roofing Systems, we do not recommend this practice. We prioritize the long-term well-being and satisfaction of our clients and, after careful consideration, have chosen not to offer this service. Installing metal over shingles can lead to issues such as reduced roof life and potential moisture problems, which is why we advise against it to ensure optimal roof performance.


Disadvantages of not completely removing existing shingles

Roof Inspection:

By not tearing off your old roof before installing the new one, your roofer won’t be able to conduct the proper inspection procedures to spot any kind of damage that may need to be repaired before installing the new roof. Apart from that, not removing the old roof can also prevent your roofers from installing a new ice and water shield, which are crucial in preventing leaks on your roof.

Installation Process:

Each roofing contractor may have their own methods for this type of installation. It's important to have open communication with your contractor and discuss any concerns you may have about their approach.

Underlayment and Furring Strips:

In some cases, a new underlayment may need to be installed before working on the metal roof. Furring strips are often used to secure the new roofing to the shingles. These additional layers can add weight to your roof, which may have implications for the overall structural integrity.

Edging and Finishing:

Proper edging must be installed to ensure seamless integration of the metal roof. This step helps in providing a finished look and protecting against water intrusion.


Install Metal Roofing Over a Shingle Roof

Removing the existing shingles and starting with a clean roof surface are generally recommended for optimal performance, durability, and warranty coverage.

To learn more about our recommended installation process for metal roofing, Contact Affordable Roofing Systems at (813) 542-8462.

In summary, it is not advisable to install a metal roof over existing asphalt shingles. It is important to consider the long-term impact on your roof's performance and warranty coverage before making a decision. Removing the old shingles and starting with a clean roof surface is generally the preferred approach for optimal results. Consulting with professionals and understanding the potential drawbacks of installing a metal roof over shingles is crucial to ensure the durability and integrity of your roof.

Contact Affordable Roofing at (813) 542 8462 for more information or a free estimate.

Is it Possible to Install Metal Roofing Over a Shingle Roof?

Is metal roofing worth the cost?

This really depends on how long-term you’re thinking. In the short term, shingle roofs are cheaper than metal. However, that changes as you consider longer periods of time.

Metal roofs will last much longer than shingles. That alone improves the value of the metal roof. The fewer replacements you make, the more it saves you. This also applies to the durability of your roof. You will save money on repairs with metal.

Additionally, metal roofing will save you money on cooling your home. It may not be much per year, but these things add up over time. Metal roofing costs vary, but choosing the right roof for your home can make all the difference in the long run.

If you aren’t planning on living in your house very long, then go with shingles. However, if you plan on living there for a long time, metal roofing will be the best choice you can make.


Install Metal Roofing Over a Shingle Roof

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that the general questions have been covered let’s go over the more specific ones that people frequently ask.

Can you install metal roofing over a shingle roof without furring strips?

It is not recommended to install metal roofing over shingles without furring strips. The thermal expansion and contraction of the metal will rub against the shingle granules and the metal will corrode from the underside. The gaps introduced by furring strips also allow air venting which can reduce moisture.

Can a metal roof go over 3 layers of shingles?

In most cases, code does not allow it.

Can you put metal roofing directly on plywood?

No. It is always best to put down an underlayment and a slip sheet before installing metal roofing on plywood. This extra barrier will protect the plywood from the metal roof.

Without the extra barrier, the wood can wear out. It will be more likely to leak as well as build up moisture on the metal roof.

How long will a 29-gauge metal roof last?

Since 29 gauge is on the thinner end of metal roofing you can expect it to wear out sooner than 24 or 26 gauge. Also the thinner the metal the more likely it will buckle with temperature changes.

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